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A place to discuss and snark the numerous posts on any of the True Confessions sites.
Welcome to True Confessions Snark, the brainchild of a few lovely LJ users who enjoy laughing at other people's misery. (Hooray for schadenfreude!)

Once within these walls (or posts... whatever...) feel free to post from any or all of the six True Confessions sites:

True Mom Confessions
True Dad Confessions
True Office Confessions
True Bride Confessions
True Green Confessions
True Military Wives Confessions
True Hookup Confessions
NEW!!True Body Confessions

Any problems, questions or concerns contact the maintainer ONLY at this address and it will be taken care of asap. Trolls have no place here.


1. Be civil to each other. Arguments and discussion, and debate are welcome, outright flaming and wank aren't. We are all adults here.

2. Problems, if they can't be settled in a civil manner amongst yourselves, bring it to me, ASAP and let me deal with it. If I don't know its broken, I can't fix it.

3. Have fun, after all, thats why this comm was made. Having fun and laughing at life's stupid moments and the people in them, etc.