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Well, This Cannot End Well

i need some advice here ladies: so me and fiance have one dd already and i thought we decided and were clear on not having anymore until dd is at least 5. well because of a medical condition i absolutly CAN NOT take any form of bc and i am allergic to condoms. he says he doesnt want anymore kids yet and thats why we agreed to wait..well as of the last week (having sex every other day, to two days) he isnt pulling out like he used to. now im just confused..he either wants kids or doesnt. he says he doesnt but when he cums in me i ask why he did that and he has a lame excuse like he 'forgot'

But wait! If you thought that was dumb...

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I have no stock whatsoever in who decides to have children and who doesn't in the broad scheme of things (I care if children are abused, neglected etc. but that's another post). However, I DO draw the line at my parenting skills/children's behavior being judged by people who have no children. Until you are in the same trenches with me, you don't get to judge my parenting, judge my children or give me advice. If you've never had the sole daily responsibility of feeding, clothing, disciplining, correcting, teaching manners, enforcing rules or wrangling toddler moods, you need to STFU.

Linkie: http://www.truemomconfessions.com/comments/?id=415110

Ah yes, the old "You don't have them so your opinion doesn't count!" cop out! One of my favorites. Of course, we have no idea about what kids are like...I mean, it's not like the Childfree ever were kids, or have ever cared for kids, or work with kids, or can figure out that feeding your kid McDonald's for every meal might not be all that healthy...


I think that people who choose not to have children aren't as strong as people who have children.  (5 me toos)


If anything, I think it takes more strength to go against the norm.


02.17.09 8:53p Yes...I knew he had kids when I married him. And he knew I was childfree when he married me. The former does not trump the latter.

I agree with her points, but you are not really childfree if you marry someone with kids and become a step-mom. Of course this could be debatable if the kids are older and out of the house on their own. Thoughts?

EDIT: So I don't have to make another entry:

02.18.09 10:31a I think that people who choose not to have children aren't as strong as people who have children.

O Rly? Comments like this amuse me to no end. I don't personally feel the need to use small human beings as pissing contest fodder.

EDIT EDIT: AAAAND, one more time to round out the post:

02.18.09 10:19a I do not vaccinate, not because I believe vaccines cause autism, but because I disagree with the use of aborted fetal cell tissue in the vaccines. Sorry, I'm not injecting killed babies into my children. Comments (9) | me too (0)


This one is about to turn into a flame war.

Office Confessions

My favorite TC site is the Office one. So I bring Office confessions:

I listen to the Warcraft soundtrack on my iPod while I'm at work.

...I have the soundtracks to both Vigilante 8's, all four Hitman soundtracks, the theme to Manhunt, the theme and the ending credits to Mafia, and the themes from GTA's III, Vice City, Liberty City Stories, and Vice City Stories on mine.

i work at a prison...and i have a huge crush on on of the inmates.

I know. I made that face too when I read it. But the responses!

Good lord and i thought I was bad at picking men.

But hey, let's be rational about this:

--can I ask you what he's in for? It might make a difference in how we'd feel about you having a crush on him.

Like, bad-check-writer: Might be ok.
Murderer-rapist-pedophile: A big No F-ing Way

Personally, I find financial irresponsibility highly unattractive. Not as much as pedophilia, but it's definitely a deal breaker.

The Boobie Batallion on TMC

02.03.09 9:03p I want to quit breastfeeding I dont enjoy it like i should :(. My husband is so supportive of me breastfeeding I feel like if I quit I will be letting him down and our daughter

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The fur is really flying on this one. It amazes me how a little factoid like feeding your child breastmilk is better for their health has turned into such a personal "ME ME ME, IT'S ALL ABOUT ME AND I'M SUPERIOR!!!" thing.

I like the term "Boobie Batallion" though. :)

EDIT: Linkie provided! http://www.truemomconfessions.com/comments/?id=399398

TMC: Catch 22 deja vu

Ok, so we all know that this confession has been posted before... but the comments are hilarious! I cracked up laughing reading those! Amazing how some people get so worked up over a little glitch (& how funny some other people are when dealing with it)!

For those who haven't yet seen it, the text is:

"Catch-22 of the day: After their bath, my 2 year old and 1 year old were running around naked while I rounded up diapers and clothes. 2 year old poops in the floor. Do I clean up the mess first, leaving her diaper-less, so she can poop in the floor AGAIN? Or do I clean her up and put a diaper on her first, while the 1 year old tries to eat the poop? "

Although there are a few stand-out comments, it really is best to read all 127 of them (so far) for the full effect (& note the dates as you do)!

For those that don't want to read all the comments (it's WAY funnier if you do), I've included some of my favourites under the cutCollapse )

Vacination Rar.

01.29.09 3:34p
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I chuckle under my breath when the other moms in my playgroup discuss how they would *never* let their children play with an unvaccinated child. Little do they know their kids HAVE been playing with 100% unvaccinated kids at least once a week for the past year. It's not like vaccines turn your kids purple so it's easy to tell--unvaccinated kids look just the same as any other kid!!

Wow, two snarks in two days. The crap is really hitting the fan on this one. Gotta love anti-vaxxers. It really scares me how ignorant these people are. They don't even have the basic idea of how vaccines work, yet they feel they know enough to make these major dangerous health decisions for their children.

Wonder if she'll be chuckling if her child lands in the hospital with complications from measles or mumps?
01.28.09 1:23p

After our flight was cancelled today and we spent several hours stuck at the airport, my almost two year old cried for about three minutes from exhaustion. it was loud and annoying. However, I wanted to tell the grown man who was plugging his ears sitting across from us that he was WAY more childish than my son. What an ass.

The comments to this one are mostly sensible and telling her to get a grip and that world doesn't revolve around her. Of course we have to have the typical "If you don't like it then move!" posts and lambasting the man for daring to express displeasure at something a child is doing.

I consider a sign of weak parenting you can't handle the fact that kids can be very irritating. Screaming is awful to listen to (from pretty much anything, I've never heard anything scream prettily) and people are going to react adversely to loud, annoying, and painful noises. This is simply how it is. I don't see this as actually being a problem. I accept that kids make horrible noises, and I also expect parents to attend to a child when they are doing it in some manner or another. But you'd think that someone was asking them to pull their teeth out with pliers.

It's not like somebody walked up and punched the kid in the face or something. Geezus.

Interesting - TMC

In my mind, a woman who oopses a man is no better than a rapist.

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